Thursday, June 10, 2004

Super Silly Us...

My teen daughter came out of the kitchen this morning holding teaspoons under her eyes. It looked really funny. I asked what she was doing and she told me that " helps the sleepybags under yer eyes".

As we were watching TV this morning, all about Reagan's farwellpalooza, I mentioned that this was a man who sold arms to Sadaam Hussein. Her, serious, reply:

"HUMAN arms??!!!" I explained to her that arms meant weapons...

And then, when the announcer mentioned something about Ronald Reagan's period at the White House, she said:

"His PERIOD????????WTF?"

Not so silly:

Billy Bumperfixer says my Toyota ain't worth fixin. Boo. Hiss. So I am buying Skydancers Mazda for 600.00 on Tuesday just before they leave for California. I could not rent a car for the summer for that much, and I know it will get me through until Fall, at the least. By then I will have a better handle on what my financial status will be, what with school and all.

Getting ready, joyously!, for Earth Drum Council Weekend. My air mattress met with a kitty claw this winter and I am now trying (somewhat in vain) to patch. Grrmmm. If I had a car I would go get another mattress, but, alas, the burro she is rigid in death.

I am thinking of showing my portfolio:( the the Starbux in Andover. They have a rotating gallery there, and I think it would be WheyKewl to have my work up on a wall somewhere so the java-zippy uppercrusties can peruse my pixels, and maybe even find their wallet itching a little.

Who knows? The Shadow knows!


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