Monday, August 02, 2004


I got yanked over to a cool link yesterday: (linky linky)

And today, seeking solace from the never ending blather of my nine year old (who is turning into a two year old day by day....clingy, spills....must be growing like mad and propriaceptively challenged I guess...)I decided to simulate float therapy in the local pond.

We go swimming there on the days we don't go to the beach. It is literally right down the street, and it has one of those loverly floating docks in the middle for jumping and diving. The shallow end was warm, almost bath-like in this August heat. Blue damsleflies were bopping about, fishies were darting in and out of the pond grass on the side, and the water was clear.

I lay back and pretended to Just Be. I attempted weight-less, and managed for more than a few minutes to really let go the rope of Life and Stress and Be Here Inside Now. The water filled my ears and I could hear the cadence of my breath, feel the sun on my face, and sense my arms draped in the water, heavy at my sides. I started to Go...Somewhere. Really. Nice....until:

"Joey!!!!!!!!!!!Come HeeeeYa! Come HeeeeYa NOW!!!!!Joseph!! Did you HeeeeYa me???!!!I said, 'COME HEEEYA NOW!'" Splash. Splutter. Flutter. Scream. Wail.

Choke. Sputter. Flail. My daughter told me I had boogers coming out my nose when I finally found footing and stood in the almost waist deep water.

I think I shall have to go to Manchester, NH. and fork out the bux next time.


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