Saturday, September 04, 2004

Trembling Gods...

I can feel the Powers That Be trembling. It can almost be seen, just beyond the flickering leaves. It can almost be heard in the slowing cadence of the crickets, harbingers of cooler temperatures. The season is on the cusp. Change is afoot.

It feels like coming out the other end of a kaleidoscope. In the beginning, summer felt heavy and wide open beckoning to be filled with sleeping in, reading late into the night, sand filled shoes and tingly hot skin, cool machine-made breezes and the lack of definitive schedule. I worried about what to do with all the open time.

Now I worry about what to do with the lack thereof. And yet, I hunger for routine.

I spent the summer creating a large body of artwork. Honing creative process. Spending time teaching my daughter how to dive from the dock in the pond.

Already I contemplate baking bread. Stews. Quilts and hot cups of coffee.

The Gods are waiting, tapping their feet, anticipating the Dance of Father Time, and the cooler whispers of Mother Earth as she heads for the Rotation Towards Darkness.

Listen. Can you hear them?


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