Sunday, October 10, 2004

Noxious Fumes...

This is how I feel today. I had dreams of poisonous fumes taking over the city. My laundry is piling up. I am broke, broke, broke. My daughter's birthday is coming up, as is my Beloved's and my mother's. And my mother is one of those She-Who-Will-Not-Tolerate-Being-Lightly-Begifted.

I have been on the hunt for work for months now. Some things have panned out, some things have quietly fizzled out, some things sit on the stove and simmer, waiting for a certain spice to kick thm into gear.

Ego is a difficult master. So is Bank of America and the lovely annual interest they garner from my herculean efforts at income attainment.

My chin feels wobbly. And there is a certain welling feeling behind my eyes that reminds me.

I am human.

I have feelings.

And about now those feelings are kicking my ass.


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