Thursday, June 23, 2005

Life on the Bone

When my kids were little they used to call corn on the cob, corn on the bone. Likewise, they called grapes, grapes on the bone. Today as I was walking in the woods I thought about Life on the bone. Life having structure surrounded by substance. So often we try to get past or around things like sadness, grief, awkward feelings. We disable ourselves from growing bone, spiritual bone. We want the trappings without the work. Life isn't just about the juicy parts, those pass, and beneath it is a skeleton of Being which supports you and holds you together. Acknowledge the bones in your life, the pits, the strong and ugly parts. Don't pass by grief, or even through it. Be it. Let it pull at you and help your bones grow. Then you will find that, as it passes YOU by, instead of YOU passing IT by, you will have all the more character, depth and inner strength. Posted by Hello


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