Sunday, June 25, 2006

There is Nothing so loud as the Quiet after the Noise...

The dull quality of the rainy days causes my pupils to dilate excessively. Thus, when color first reappears, it feels huge in nature,immense in substance. So, too, with sound. For us sensitive folk, the Life Noise of people and animals and things is a constant din, reverberating in the cochlear chambers, stimulating the mind. With love, as well, the quiet after the storm is palpable, thick and almost foamy.

“Bad things happen to Good people” and that includes poor choices in love, work, play. And when the spindle drops, and the thread runs out the silence is deafening, only the heartbeat and fluctuating breath to mark cadence.

Sit in the quiet. Inquire Within. Take a back seat and listen to the Nothingness, the Om that undulates throughout all.

Don't worry, the noise and color will be back soon enough. Then you can medicate yourself with the abstraction and distraction again, only to find yourself at this threshold of the Gentle and Quiet Void again someday, to listen anew.


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