Monday, June 18, 2007

American Pie

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I try not to be judgemental. Or, more accurately, I try not to be critical. I think, as humans we judge all the time. It is how we move around in the world safely. I listen to myself when I hear some inside voice telling me something is "bad" or "good", and I try to understand where, from deep inside, that fear came.

I pride myself on my choice to let people be who they are, and to let them learn on their own path and find their own Gods, and follow their own dream.

But, for the life of me, I get boggled when I see something like this.

What sort of American Dream is it that speaks to spending hard earned money on a piece of paper, so that you can chase the possibility of having lots of MONEY MONEY MONEY...only to, when finding out one did not, throw that paper on the ground. The ground that many years ago people sailed to for freedom of religion and for a better life. There are men, women and children EVERYWHERE without food to eat, without clean water to drink or with which to bathe, and some people have this High Livin' Fantasy about cars and fancy clothes to which they prostitute the very core of existence, of subsistance.

It is the dream...the $5.00 dream, or the $1.00 dream or the Quick Pick dream.

Some seek the riches and don't even know they are standing on them now, they are drinking it now, they are breathing it NOW.

I do not ascribe to this American Dream. It makes me feel ashamed to be called American.


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