Monday, June 21, 2004

That's Just The Way It Is...Some Things Will Never Change.

This is the way it is today:

I am wearing some really old and baggy cargo shorts I found last summer. They are soft and big and wey-cool. And my Woolrich socks, green, with hiking shoes. And I am jazzed on some really good MochaLatte which bathes this New England Early Summer day in a brilliant zig zaggy light.

And I am glad to be me. Today. There is a vibrancy to the world outside, a certain just-behind-the-visual buzzing. The sky is cerulean and the wind caresses just-right, also just-behind-the-visual. The muses of creativity are pawing at my inner artiste, meowling for attention. Feed Me. Pet Me. Play with me. It is a constant tinitus of the soul.

Ring On.


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