Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Dodge the Can Tuesday.

My street becomes a huge pinball game on Tuesdays. Trash day. And the Waste Management Staff is rather cavalier about tossing the referenda when they are done. A slight hill taunts the now less encumbered receptacles to roll. And God help us if there is a wind, stiff or no. I always thought it would be a Good Thing to have Little People, minions (well-paid, of course) follow behind the truck at a good fifty paces. You know. To pick up the Misses. The strewn juice box, the Too Small To Bend Over And Pick Up's.

I don't generally mind playing Dodge the Can. Except when I do. And then, well, it is a pain in the ass the size of which is directly related to whether or not it is MY can rolling down the street or not.


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