Tuesday, August 10, 2004

48 Hour flip-flop

I *was* in Vermont. Having the time of my life. Well, okay, not my life, but certainly the best time I have had all summer. Linked arm in arm with my bestest traveling buddy, strolling around Brattleboro. Going to a Clothing Optional beach on a lake. Eating absurd amounts of food, good food, and some "bad" food. We called them Lust Pies. We used to find raspberry ones at the Mobile station. They are actually called Bismarks. Triangular tasty and gooey goodness. I ate chocolate. Drank wey too much coffee. Ate the best red meat I have had in a lonnnnng time. Strawberries and whipped cream. The food was so good I couldn't imagine topping the evening off with sex, and if you know me, that is unusual.

I laughed till my tummy hurt. I was in the big bathtub. I was almost done bathing and my foot was squinching the rubber plug from the drain and it made this....amazing sound. Like a whale song. I did it again and again and again, splitting my sides with searing laugh-pain each time. Then I progressed to the deeper, fuller, resonding fart noise. Which had me almost in a fit. Okay...it *was* a fit. So childish and so pure and so real and so, so very funny. I did this for almost 30 minutes, then realizing the pruny-ness of my fingers, realized it was time to get out of the tub.

The next day was perfect. Perfect. A full nights sleep, wrapped up with my Beloved passed too quickly. Only to deposit me....

On the Other Side.

Suffice it to say yesterday sucked rusty scissors. I got a ticket for having an unregistered vehicle, DESPITE the fact that I bought and registered my car last month. Apparently they swithced the plate registration (charging me the ten bux, of course) but did not renew. No wonder I never got the sticker in the mail. 100 clams later I go to the RMV and spend another 45.00 on new registration sticker. All this , me broke, unemployed, trying to keep my little family buoyant.

I had dreams of running around NY city in barefeet trying to find a bus back to Boston. I was lost. I woke up to a new day. One cup of coffee later it feels better, so far.

But, I am a bit mistrustful.


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