Saturday, March 26, 2005

Two Bush Valley...

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So I took my teenaged daughter to the One Tree Hill Tour concert at Avalon last night. What an event. Aside from the fact that we were literally packed in like cattle, standing room only, a billion of us, I was the only one over 20 I could see, anywhere...all night. Oh. My. Gawd.

Actually, the music was really quite decent. Bethany Joy Lenz was delightful in a yummy sort of way, and The Wreckers (yeah for MIchelle Branch) were fair despite the fact that she looked like she wanted to throw up the whole time. (I shall cut her some slack, though, for going out on the road as pregnant as she is)

Well, Tyler Hilton surely has at least 1,000 young things willing to bear his child. Sheesh.

Parking was $10 bux.

3 12oz waters were $12 bux.

Best tasting water I have EVER HAD.

Maybe it was just the thought of all that spit coming out of Tyler's face onto the crowd. Ew. What's with that?

All in all not a terrifying experience. And, well, Tyler's backup guitarist is Weewy Weewy HOT.

Oh, and he can play, too.



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