Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Being Different

Being Different
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Much of the time I move through this world feeling very different from many of those around me. Sometmes, I am fortunate to find others on my path who, like me, are seeing things from non-traditional perspectives, or who *feel* things differently than most.

I think a lot of people don't *feel* their way around life. I think they *do* their lives. Or *have* them. Being different makes for an evolutionary process that necessitates some deep thinking and deep feeling sometimes.

If I am to be Brutally Honest I will say that I really don't enjoy the company of most people. I have some dear friends, with whom I share history and story...but not much depth. I don't feel so very good around the General Masses of People Out There. I need to shield a lot to keep from getting depleted or bombarded by their negative energy, or Gaping Wounds.

When I find my People, my Tribesfolk, I treasure that connection, no matter how brief. But, much of the time I wander around being a green apple amongst the reds.

I recently met some people who resonated at such a highly compatible frequency to my own that I was absoultely energized after our meeting. The total difference in my energy level was astounding. My heartspaces opened up, my mind was calm and alert and I found myself feeling very much in Communion with People Like Me, and in Communion with Myself as well.

The following weeks were filled with some sense of loss. Like when one comes home from Rites of Spring, or AHO, or some group melding experience.

I love being me.

But I love finding people who can connect and resonate with me easily, and I crave that kind of reciprocal connection sometimes.


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