Friday, June 30, 2006

Bathing in a Cup of Kindness...

Several people I know have met some cruel destiny of late. My friend with MS fell down 14 stairs to the basement floor. My elderly friend broke her hip and pelvis. My neighbor, a 7 yr. old, got bitten by a german shepard. Another friend's father passed away last week. Dan had a serious bicycle accident just a while ago.

This morning as the sun bounced off of my coffee cup, I sat in thought and gratitude that I have my kindess to offer these people, that I have been spared the ill winds of gravity and the mandibular force of Fate biting my ass.

I have loving people around me who consistently hold me up to the light, so that I may do that for others in return.

Today, I will go bury my extra pennies in the sand at the park for some young one to discover with glee.

What are you going to do today to Pay it Forward?


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