Thursday, September 21, 2006

Too Late's Come and Gone...

There is no turning back, now. Summer has left in a huff, and the season at hand is well heeled. The leaves are already doing their arabesques, and grapes are either bursting or withering on the vine.

It is too late to claim the summer back. Onward to the darker days and longer nights, as the Equinox approaches.

I am shedding the old and settling in for harvest and nesting for winter ahead. I am letting go of that thief, expectation, and putting in her stead a healthy dose of gratitude with a Hope chaser. Best I can do. Hope.

I am not waiting anymore. I am a wakeful dreamer now. I still dream, but I know what is and is not. I will follow the scent if it crosses my path, and I will welcome the fall with open arms.


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