Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today's Ear Worm...

Donovan Frankenreiter-Self Titled (2004)

The musical connection to and with Jack Johnson is clearly evident in this 2004 release, and, in fact, Jack helped out a great deal on this album. Subsequent releases from Donovan depart from this more melodic, laid back style, but still showcase his abilty for slick and smokey romance beat vocals. This is a great Sunday morning choice, mellow and full of acoustic layers. I bought this off of iTunes, and it is on hot rotation. He's got a real Ray LaMontagne thing goin' on here, and I like it. Lots.

Sit back with a drink or three, the windows still open with the newly cool air seeping in, run your hands through you hair and sigh. Summer's not over quite yet. Still time for capturing that glimmer in a moment, a song, a kiss.


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