Friday, July 02, 2004

Something about Proing: My LJ entry worthy of muse...

There is a certain feeling I get. For me, I call it The Proing. It happened today at Buck-A-Book (go ahead, kick me, I am poor) as I was shopping for a birthday gift for a kid I love. It is a hot day. Really. The first really hot one in a while. And, well, then there is that **hormonal** thing to add into the mix. Wet shirt. Mostly looking like a humongous cartoon kiss under my boobs. Such crap. I thought. What yucky little toys. Then it happened:


It is the feeling when the front opening bra, (the lavander one that is kinda sheer and sexy, yeah, that one, so...) it decides to be Free! Free the bonds that keep us together, Brother. Proing and be free. So now I am standing there with sweaty shirt and bra that has proing-ed and I wonder. How do I get this back together without appearing a shoplifter?

I gave up.

It was too hot.


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