Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Practice Abundance

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I often take my jar of pennies to a playground when no one is around. I bury mounds of pennies under the sand, or scatter them here and there, hiding them behind the playground equipment, or at the bottom of the slide. There is something really rewarding about creating magic for children, and I recall as a child finding a huge pile of pennies on the sidewalk. I stopped everyday, for weeks, hoping that the penny fairy would leave more. She never did. But that did not stop me from looking.

My partner has been dropping nickels on the floor at work for a few months now. Here and there, sometimes one, sometimes three. No one knows where they come from. It is not even known if someone has caught on yet. In the warren that is the cubicle world where he works, it could take a while to catch on. Eventually, the hundredth monkey will strike and it will become a game for more than one.

There is something to be enjoyed in the momentary magic of a "find". I believe that I am practicing gratitude for abundance when I feel generous and playful and scatter my extra copper in the path for kids to find.

Go practice some Joy. Dump a dime. Anywhere. Try the middle of the floor at the grocery store. Or, pay for someones french fries in the drive through. Spend a dollar doing something kind for someone who least expects it.

It feels really gooooooood.


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