Friday, July 14, 2006

Cover Me...

I rather like the idea of parasols. I like the crinkle sound they make as you open them, the pleats so neat and tidy, the fancy designs and the sheer width of their coverage. Being a pale face I burn easily, and often wish that I had a parasol on hand. They are large though, and not easy to carry about, unless, of course, you are in a canoe, which I am not, most times. I think of strolling the Winterthur Gardens, or Kew Gardens, lazily admiring the iris and peonies, mint julep in hand. It is hot today, and muggy, and I am inside waiting for a new refrigerator. Air Conditioning is lovely and I am fortunate to have it. It keeps me sane.

But, if I could change things for today, I would be wandering around a garden in the sun, on a much cooler day, looking at lovely plants, or being paddled about a pond by a Beloved in a canoe.
Yes, that would suffice, just fine.


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