Friday, September 22, 2006

Letter to a Friend...

Dear X,

Let's See....

Julia's adventures in the past few days...

Well, the golden tooooobed flautist and I had lattes and got in the car and
drove to Crane's Beach (see attached) and walked and talked. We watched these little blonde children run naked in the surf and sun. They were maybe 1 1/2 yrs old. It was so gorgeous out that day.

We drove home and huggedgoodbye. I came home and went to sleep earl-eye-in-da-evening. Then I catered the Grotonfest art festival on Saturday all day. Many falafels passed my way...If 'ere I see another, T'will be but a shame. Ugh.

Sunday was a clearing my space day. Lots of getting rid of dross and chaos,flotsam and jetsam. It felt good. Then the week started and life got full of work.

Last night I stayed with my friend, Sam. I get up at 5 AM when I visit, and take my tripod down the street to take pictures.

It is sort of a turning to Mecca thing for me, the break of a new day. All that resting hope,eternally balanced on that razor edge of Now of which you spoke before. I wait and watch the sun as it incrementally rises over the black silhouettes.

Tonight, I am feeling a bit sad, as it would have been my 9th anniversary with my ex Beloved of 8 yrs. Just sort of poignant, and feeling in need of touch. I am off to my friend, Jenny's for dinner and to give her the injections for her MS and then I will be home...maybe continue reading Ender's Game.

I loved talking with you today.




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