Monday, October 30, 2006


Join Red

Buy the Change you want to see:

Join RED. Think RED. Buy Red.

Red is a business strategy aimed at eradicating AIDS around the world, but particularly aiming the big gun of the material juggernaut at solving the devastation laid bare in Africa due to this epidemic. Spearheaded by Bono, of U2 fame, this seeming simple strategy offers all of us a hands-on way to make a real difference in this beast of an issue. Portions of all proceeds garnered by Red Companies will be directly impact the ability of African people's ability to receive AIDS drugs. We can get the pills to these people, by buying RED. It is that simple. Look it up. Do it.

Last night I was Priviledged to attend a benefit concert sponsored by RED at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Kenmore Square. The guys (okay and a few girls, too) are still sleeping on the bus heading to Philly as I write this, and they deserve the rest. That was one hell of a magical play date. Any of you who are into Scrubs, or Grey's Anatomy, Indi Rock or Zach Braff (Garden State and The Last Kiss) and his latest musical propulsions will recognize some of the dynamite in the roster last night. The stage was filled at all times with incredible energy, camaraderie and music with a metric butt-load of fun and soul behind it. And all of the folks on the Hotel Cafe Tour 2006 played for free. Our ticket prices, in great part, helped spread the word of RED, and the impetus behind the show was apparent. These guys played their hearts and soul out for 4 hours.

The roster of talent included Joshua Radin, Cary Brothers,Brian Wright, Joe Purdy, Jim Bianco, Kate Havenik, Kevin Devine and the Goddamned Band, and their attending support staff. I was fortunate to sit with the folks at the RED table, where a laptop was set up for people to log in their email to get information on the corporations involved in the Red campaign (see link above). These guys are all friends, and it shows in the way they play together. Jovial, jumping,jamming and dancing on the edge of musical Glory, they obviously were enjoying themselves as they played well into the night, and continued well past the regularly scheduled playlist. As far as I could tell each contributor was totally on the top of their form, the band was hella tight and there was no shortage of goosebumps and awe from the continuous rally of indie rock, jazz, blues and serious vein sucking folk. A seamless mix of hard and fast, cool and slow, screaming guitars and almost whispered songs of lost love, this is a concert not to be missed if you can help it. See Here for tour dates and locations. From the website above describing the Hotel Cafe Tour 2006:

"Once just a small coffee shop, The Hotel Café has quickly blossomed into not only one of the premier singer/songwriter venues in the United States, but also an all-purpose clubhouse for a burgeoning community of Los Angeles songwriters.

After an enormously successful first run in the fall of 2005, The Hotel Café Tour is ready for its sophomore road trip. Twenty-five artists will share one bus, one band and one crew and embark on a six-week journey throughout the United States.

The tour will feature a rotating lineup of at least six artists at every show, all sharing musicians and supporting one another, making for a unique night of music. The traveling circus is held together by performer and co-organizer Cary Brothers, who will be present for the entire tour.

After major success with his song Blue Eyes on the Grammy Award-winning Garden State soundtrack, Cary Brothers and The Hotel Café Tour continue their relationship with Zach Braff, featuring many of the artists included on The Last Kiss soundtrack.

The Hotel Café Tour has no cookie cutter corporate American Idols, just real music, written by real artists, surrounded by real friends, who actually have a story to tell. Check your city to see who is playing and expect lots of surprises! And show up early, as it's not a normal opener/opener/headliner line up!"

So, go see them, you won't be sorry. And, remember to BUY RED for the upcoming holiday season. Now, we have another opportunity to make our dollars make a difference.


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