Friday, November 03, 2006

RED Update:

It appears that the Hotel Cafe Tour has lost some of my favorite performers for a little while. Joe Purdy and Brian Wright have taken a turn off the path for a stint elsewhere, but they will return, hopefully, Though each is a fine act solo, together they are a force of nature. Brian's cd will be released soon. I have not seen it anywhere yet.

Brian Wright

While you are at it go take a listen to Jim Bianco. He has a slick Tom Waits thing going on.

Jim Bianco

If you are in the mood for a little spunky monkey music, flip over to Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band.

Kevin Devine

His lyrics are incisive, at times hidden in a poppy-indie-folk wrapping, sometimes woven in some seriously jacked up, in your face, rock. Sitting next to him at the Red booth, he looked so unassuming. He could have been any other B.U. student slugging beer. I have not seen anyone that young throw themselves around the stage in a long time, all the while captivating us with the feeling and words. No doubt about it...this kid means what he says.

Given the voting situation, and the general unrest in the Good Ol' USA of late, click here to see what is coming out of his mouth.

No Time Flat

If you are interested (and you SHOULD be!) take a look at the RED blog, so you can see the momentum RED is building, and hear first hand stories of people they/we have helped. Oh, and check out the wey-wey cool new Special Edition RED iPod with * (count 'em)8 gigs rather than 4. Remember, 10% goes where it should. And, well RED *is* a great Holiday color, don'tcha think?

RED Blog


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