Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quietly, dances the light...

I have spent a fair amount of quiet time lately, just listening to what comes up for me and being very Buddhist about it all. Letting things flow and go and paying attention to what is, without judgement is an awakening process. Sometimes I am sad, and I am learning to really sit and have tea with that Saddness. I ask it questions and we roll ideas around and things become less pointy in the process. My pleasures and joys are crisp and full, brimming over and spilling all around me.

When we are children, and even as adults, when the people we are talking with are judgemental, we really don't say much. Certainly we withold some hues and depths and truths some of the time.

It is exactly the same with our own internal dialogues. If we approach ourselves with compassion and listen care-full-y, we find that our inner self speaks more often, more loudly, more clearly.

Have some tea with yourself, or some toast (I bet you like toast, don't you?). Start up a conversation. Be gentle. Be awake.


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