Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Morning Acoutrements...

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I love making tea. I especially love making Lapsang Souchong. The smokey quality of it brings me right back to my childhood, when I would sip tea with my dad by the fire in the winter, eating popcorn, playing backgammon.

I love the ceremony of tea, even moreso than that of coffee. While I get high on the fumes of high test caffeine coffee, the brewing and pouring through the silver strainer, a gift from my mother, always bring me cheer. The little ceramic pitcher holds exactly one Julia sized cup. Making tea for myself reminds me to pamper Julia, to do nice things for her.

And, while I adore my Starbux mug, I adore it even more when it has tea in it. Something rather anti big business about that combination. A small kick in the ass, sure, but every little push against the Big Guy by virtue of supporting the Little Guy is a giant step ahead, in my book.

By the by, go visit Virtuous Teas at www.virtuousteas.com.

And look over at www.amplesanity.com for a very pleasant read whilst you sip your brew.


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