Monday, November 27, 2006

"Magic Moment" Monday...

I am doing better right this minute, but this morning was odd...I woke up from a dream that was unsettling and the feeling followed me for the last few hours. It is starting to fade now...feeling more inside myself and less wonky.

I saw an old man this morning at a traffic light. His truck was next to mine and ahead a little. I saw him clapping his hands, leaning forward and laughing hysterically. It made me smile, just watching that. I had no choice, like a gag reflex the happy feelings got yanked right to the surface. I kept watching him, hooked into my high. He laughed again and I just beamed. Then, as I passed him I noticed that the person sitting in the car with him was a child.

Wow...I was really touched that there was this intergenerational Joy happening at 7:00 in the morning on an intersection near a Dunkin Donuts, steam and condensation still on the cars. How awesome to have a moment like that so early in the day.

What a blessing.


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