Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The John/John Game...

This morning while snarfing down my espresso I decided to flick on the TV. Eeeegads! A full frontal assault of the John/John Game. Both candidates walking Kennedy-style with family surrounding, swinging the little one (woulda been a bit of a media mess had the tot's arm dislocated, eh?). I thought:

"Man, are we being PLAYED..."

I realize that *something* has to be done. I realize that *someone* else has to take the lead here. I also realize that change is slow and unlikely to be garnered within the framework of any one president's efforts of a term or two, at least at this point. The crap pile is too deep for any administration to clean out the basement and attic of these things.

But, really now.

It was as orchestrated at Cirque de Soleil...Cirque de Poulet is more like it. And for so long the TV went on and on about ages and names and ooh-la-la and all that.

It is going to be a lonnnnnnnnng year.

I think the highlight will be the Olympics...for me, anyway. Though you will see me kiss the ground if Kerry makes it. Really. At least, I *think* he will tread water instead of make this mess even bloodier. I am sad and angry, and, okay, yeah, a little hopeful that this new brood will shore up the timbers of this crumbling entity called "America".


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