Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shameless Plug

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So, Dan and I designed a new logo for the foundation that we are starting up. The paperwork is in process, and we are currently writing grants left and right. It is amazing how things progress when you really put faith into it. With the momentum that is building we should be able to get support/funding/sponsorship for the rides scheduled for 2007, namely both sides of the continent of the US of A. England is beckoning again by phone for more PR and perhaps another trip. We are awaiting Her Majesty The Queen to don her gay apparel ( bike shorts) and get that arse up on a tandem er sumpin, in order that we may better serve the amputees of the UK. I told her we would pack arnica tablets. I know how hell-bent on homeopathics she is. Heck, I even told her Chuck could come, too. But, I think he is busy milking his organic cows in the hinterlands of Scotland. He is boring anyway. And, I cannot fathom him on a bike.

Anyway, the website is getting boosted up on a daily basis. Dan rises around 4 am because his brain is on fire, and the smoke keeps me awake. He settles down to the computer and futzes with html and pixels until it is time for work. Then he goes off and makes legs for people. Really cool legs. Some have computers in them. No keyboards, though, just widgets that make people walk again.

It looks like I am going to Oxford, England in October, as part of the foundation, to support Dan as a keynote speaker at a scientific convention. Never been to England.
Perhaps then I shall stop by for tea with Her Majesty and check out her bike.


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