Saturday, August 19, 2006

Time of Ages...

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I walked the paths at Ward Hill reservation last weekend. I hiked up to Holt hill where there are solstice stones that have been there for many, many years. From that hilltop you can see Boston. I stretched out under some trees and spent time looking up at the clouds forming. They stretched from one fluffy shape into longer, thinner and more interesting designs. I thought about the speed at which they were moving, and how it looked to be so slow, when in fact, they were moving at quite a clip. I also saw a plane going by, far, far up. It seemed to be moving so slowly, yet I knew it was hauling ass across the horizon to it's destination.

Things seem to move slowly from a distance.

And these stones, who have sat here for the ages, supporting numerous sittings and celebrations, do so quietly. To some.

To me they sang loudly of spirit and solidity, of direction and of quiet contemplation.

People are like that. There is a lot going on on the inside that you can't see or feel or hear. Change is always happening, and sometimes you can only really sense it when the energy reaches a tumultuous cusp and it all flows over into the newness of something different.

If you open your soul to the songs and visions of change that are going on around you, you can see a whole new world of being. Hold onto the stability of whatever faith you have and peek over the edge into something new.


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