Saturday, August 12, 2006

Who's that trip-trapping on my bridge?...

I was reading an "alternative living" magazine today and stumbled on a section about goats. I have a certain "thing" for goats. Long story. Not important. Dan was making some new ale today, and as he was cooling down the wort we had a little discussion. It went sorta like this:

Me: So, I am really thinking about getting goats someday. I mean, really, I love goat's milk, and I would love to learn to make goat's cheese, and they will eat practically anything and if you socialize with them they can be quite lovely.

Dan: You know, a while back, particularly in Oregon, where I lived, they had started to do some real farming of goat, for meat. But, it never really took off much. Too bad, though, because pound for pound they are a reasonably economic and efficient protein source.

Me: I dunno. I think I could raise chickens to eat and not feel too badly, but a goat, well, that's a lot bigger and more friendly...

Dan: That's why you need ME around. You can go out with the glass of wine to the redwood hot tub while I "get" dinner.

Me: Hmmm, maybe.

Dan: You know....they were coming out with a new breed of goat a while back...

Me: Yeah, it's called Scapegoat. (laughing now...)

Dan: No..........That's what the Democrats are for.

*Total melt-down giggle fit*


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