Thursday, March 01, 2007

Making a Difference...

I spent some time this morning thinking about my belief that we need to make a substantive difference in the lives of people. Maybe that is just my own" up-until-now, silently pulsating" mantra, but I somehow surmise that I am not the only one.

I thought about how learning about amputation, and now working with an international foundation of hope for amputees and landmine victims, has changed not only my life but the lives of others. I have dated amputees, I have friends who are amputees, not many, but, nonetheless it is an experience for Julia to know who she is regarding people who have had that life situation.

Part of my own social justice path has to do with helping people, particularly children, who are experience-rs of amputation (and I specifically use that term rather than Victim, which I find a negative interpretation, and totally useless for healthy onward living).

I just now went down stairs to get my cup of alkaloid brew and the TV was on with clips from John Woodward's special. I look at the results of a "Man Eating Machine and Hope Destroyer"War, and I am enraged that we keep participating in this madness.

So complex an issue for some, and even for me most days, see us taking these lives and breaking them to bits in the name of Anything Holy or Oil, Just. Fucking. Enrages. Me.

The above images relate as follows:

Holding the rose in the snow, a prosthetic hand is hopeful.

Molds of pediatric feet, line up, waiting in the dawn light, to be made into braces for children.

A humorous look at prosthetics. Footsie anyone?

A boy who busted his prosthetic leg more often than anyone I know. He's THAT rugged. And he loves suspension bridges.

One of my many mantras: Life! Bring It On! As a goldfish Boldly Goes.

Lets Stop this War. Let's honor the broken. Let's Get Back On Track.

Peace, Out.