Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Man in the Shadows...


Quietly, dances the light...

I have spent a fair amount of quiet time lately, just listening to what comes up for me and being very Buddhist about it all. Letting things flow and go and paying attention to what is, without judgement is an awakening process. Sometimes I am sad, and I am learning to really sit and have tea with that Saddness. I ask it questions and we roll ideas around and things become less pointy in the process. My pleasures and joys are crisp and full, brimming over and spilling all around me.

When we are children, and even as adults, when the people we are talking with are judgemental, we really don't say much. Certainly we withold some hues and depths and truths some of the time.

It is exactly the same with our own internal dialogues. If we approach ourselves with compassion and listen care-full-y, we find that our inner self speaks more often, more loudly, more clearly.

Have some tea with yourself, or some toast (I bet you like toast, don't you?). Start up a conversation. Be gentle. Be awake.


I made a little nightlight for my bedside yesterday. A simple wooden frame and a small bulb is covered by a tiny shade. I adhered some letters to the rim, simply the letters for the word "Faith". It glowed warmly last night as I drew and sipped wine and thought about Leaps of Faith, and about Lack of Faith and about not chasing Faith but letting it seep into the cracks of my soul gently and quietly without my grasping and reaching so very much. Hide and Seek.

Yesterday I found a pencil jammed inside my printer (now totally fubar) and my desklamp's lightbulb cracked and blew out all over my desk. That was just the beginning.

And Mercury isn't even Retrograde yet.

"Faith...", I whisper..."Have Faith..."

I woke up this morning to a warm cat draped over my hip, some Lapsang tea with milk and honey, and visions of "What I Have To Do Today" rushing though my head. Too much brain traffic. Ithink I shall take it slowly today. Pay some bills, do some laundry and make a conscious effort to Let Go and Let The Way Be Open.

2,4,6,8 Who do I appreciate? Go GANESH!!!!!!!

Now, more tea...


I had such a wonderful shoot today with three sisters who absolutely adore one another. Ranging in age from early 20's to early 30's, the three were fun, affectionate, giggly and really smart. It was a joy to see siblings in a really functioning and loving relationship with one another.

It reminds me to be grateful. Love is a truly awe inspiring thing. Especially when given freely.

Everyday Things,

We all have things that we touch everyday, things that bring us comfort, or routine, things that help us get through this life with more joy. These are some of mine...

Julia Cameron's book of Blessings
A Love teacup from a Beloved
My computer
Hemp lip balm
Virtuous Tea
Rescue Remedy
My dryer
My phone
My plant
My water filter
Weleda Rose Oil

What are some of the objects that make *your* life more joyful?

(idea ganked from RudeCactus...)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Many Things Make Me Smile...

But nothing has done it with such alacrity as seeing this little girl walking down the street yesterday with her bright pink fuzzy hat and a green balloon blowing in the wind. All day yesterday, when I was contemplating the difficult parts of my life I returned to the look of sheer peace and joy on this little girl's face as she made her way through the wind, sometimes with her eyes closed agains the blowing air and leaves, with a smile so sweetly resting on her face.

Today I wish you pink fuzzy hats and green balloons and happy moments.