Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"What I Think" Wednesday...

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This about sums it up. In lots of ways. And, it makes me smile, which is a very good thing!

Hope you all are having a Meta-fabulous day. Have some tea. Read a good book. Listen to some good music. And share your snacks with others.

Monday, November 27, 2006

"Magic Moment" Monday...

I am doing better right this minute, but this morning was odd...I woke up from a dream that was unsettling and the feeling followed me for the last few hours. It is starting to fade now...feeling more inside myself and less wonky.

I saw an old man this morning at a traffic light. His truck was next to mine and ahead a little. I saw him clapping his hands, leaning forward and laughing hysterically. It made me smile, just watching that. I had no choice, like a gag reflex the happy feelings got yanked right to the surface. I kept watching him, hooked into my high. He laughed again and I just beamed. Then, as I passed him I noticed that the person sitting in the car with him was a child.

Wow...I was really touched that there was this intergenerational Joy happening at 7:00 in the morning on an intersection near a Dunkin Donuts, steam and condensation still on the cars. How awesome to have a moment like that so early in the day.

What a blessing.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Quiet Grace

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We curl at the edges, where the dry line of us deliniates. Over that crisp edge, the freefall is remembered. We arrived. We died. We flew. We fell.

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Gentle rest now, or clattering dance, we gather, mere bones and skin.

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The careless hand can crack our fragile spine, our veins. Becoming dust, the soil of rebirth.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


JP (my partner in the game) picks the card.
"Hmmmmmmmmmmm", says she. Thinky. Thinky. Thinky.

"Sex is better in these", she quips.

My teen daughter and her friend break into peals of laughter.
"lingerie?", I ask.
nope, not it.

"A bed", I ask.
Nope, not it.

"Okay....bed...what else......"she says, coaxing me...
"Sheets?" I ask.
Nope not that.

Helping, the teen says:
"Jessica's brother got taken away in these"
"A POLICE CAR??????????????" I bellow.
"What the fuck?!!!!!!!!!!!!!" says the teen.
All fall into hysterics.

The word:



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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"What I use" Wednesday...

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Okay, color me hippie, but I really like these products. I use them daily and re-buy them often. I am sorta sensitive to "perfumes" and SLS so I need to be aware of ingredients. Just Naturals also makes a FABOO laundry soap that is natural and scented with lavender.

Jojoba is amazing stuff, and the primary ingredient in the Wild Rose Oil.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Um, Yeah, I miss you...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bowing to the Seasons...

Once a plate of white
and tiny petals
with one indigo speck
She now begins her rest
and ready for
the onslaught of Winter

Again she will rise
and spread herself wide
to the sun
and dance
with the whispers
of the North
the hissing of summers South
the thrum of early Autumn

Now she shows her bones
her brittle and delicate underpinning
the veins that once flooded
with the liqour of light's love
pulsing into each leaf
and coursing through the pith
turgor strength
and persistence
parched and

for yet another reign of the Queen

"I wanna be someone who believes..."

Originally uploaded by Firespiral Arts.
I want to believe in something the way a child believes in Santa. I think many of us do. We love wrapping our Selves around something sturdy, impervious to time, so it may seem anyway.

I know that much of my life is about living Awake now. And, with that comes the loss of some myths.

But, for just a little while, it would be so wonderful to believe that your wishes were heard, and that someday, maybe soon, something on your list will arrive on a morning filled with life and love.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Our, Yours, Mine...

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I often think about the boundaries between all of us. (I suppose reading the Enders series and thinking about philotes and ansibles helps with this theory). We come into this world a pink and wriggling mass of potential. Almost immediately we are indoctrinated with "yours" and "mine". This is YOUR nose. These are YOUR toesies. Yes, that is YOUR truck, can you share it?

It starts that early. To assuage our sense of insecurity we are taught to put labels on things, literally. Things and people "belong" to us. At an early age we are taught about possession ( and, um I don't mean of the satanic variety. That is for another post). We find language that supports our need to express ownership. That darned philosophy tracks us down our entire lives, through loves, through money and property, weaving it's way through everything.

How different things could be if we relaxed our grip on the need to own everything, everyone. One of the huge lessons of my life these past years had to do with ownership in the context of relationship. I really craved a sense of belonging. I also felt very territorial about my partner (which, considering his hobby as a fine art nude photographer, was, be expected). Having to let go of that love, and learning to let go of the expetation and hopes of another love someday coming my way was the biggest chore of the century for me. And, the most freeing.

I have had to learn about letting Go. Of expectation. Of need to own or belong. Of the desire to be "right" about things as little as how people should drive on the highway.

It is never about what you own or who you think you "have". It is always about how you see yourself in the face of those things.

Be a nice person. Be kind. Let go. You don't need all those toys to show the world who you are. Sit on that bench and think about it a little.

Friday, November 03, 2006

RED Update:

It appears that the Hotel Cafe Tour has lost some of my favorite performers for a little while. Joe Purdy and Brian Wright have taken a turn off the path for a stint elsewhere, but they will return, hopefully, Though each is a fine act solo, together they are a force of nature. Brian's cd will be released soon. I have not seen it anywhere yet.

Brian Wright

While you are at it go take a listen to Jim Bianco. He has a slick Tom Waits thing going on.

Jim Bianco

If you are in the mood for a little spunky monkey music, flip over to Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band.

Kevin Devine

His lyrics are incisive, at times hidden in a poppy-indie-folk wrapping, sometimes woven in some seriously jacked up, in your face, rock. Sitting next to him at the Red booth, he looked so unassuming. He could have been any other B.U. student slugging beer. I have not seen anyone that young throw themselves around the stage in a long time, all the while captivating us with the feeling and words. No doubt about it...this kid means what he says.

Given the voting situation, and the general unrest in the Good Ol' USA of late, click here to see what is coming out of his mouth.

No Time Flat

If you are interested (and you SHOULD be!) take a look at the RED blog, so you can see the momentum RED is building, and hear first hand stories of people they/we have helped. Oh, and check out the wey-wey cool new Special Edition RED iPod with * (count 'em)8 gigs rather than 4. Remember, 10% goes where it should. And, well RED *is* a great Holiday color, don'tcha think?

RED Blog

Fun things Friday!!!

Pythonesque, and, hell, a little Marshall Efron, too...traipse around this site if you are interested in graphic design:

History as you have never seen it before!

from my daily dose of internet sanity at:

Get Dooced!

Oh. Yeah! The mind, she is fickle like ferile cat in heat, so pick a color already, stoopid eyes...:
Pink? No, Green? No?

Mamma? What the Hell is that? :

Huh? In a sort of Martian way.


Clucky Goodness

Oh, how Charmin'! For your Ex Lover, or, I dunno, let's say, Soon to Be Ex President?:

How can you NOT?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


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