Friday, June 30, 2006

Bathing in a Cup of Kindness...

Several people I know have met some cruel destiny of late. My friend with MS fell down 14 stairs to the basement floor. My elderly friend broke her hip and pelvis. My neighbor, a 7 yr. old, got bitten by a german shepard. Another friend's father passed away last week. Dan had a serious bicycle accident just a while ago.

This morning as the sun bounced off of my coffee cup, I sat in thought and gratitude that I have my kindess to offer these people, that I have been spared the ill winds of gravity and the mandibular force of Fate biting my ass.

I have loving people around me who consistently hold me up to the light, so that I may do that for others in return.

Today, I will go bury my extra pennies in the sand at the park for some young one to discover with glee.

What are you going to do today to Pay it Forward?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

There is Nothing so loud as the Quiet after the Noise...

The dull quality of the rainy days causes my pupils to dilate excessively. Thus, when color first reappears, it feels huge in nature,immense in substance. So, too, with sound. For us sensitive folk, the Life Noise of people and animals and things is a constant din, reverberating in the cochlear chambers, stimulating the mind. With love, as well, the quiet after the storm is palpable, thick and almost foamy.

“Bad things happen to Good people” and that includes poor choices in love, work, play. And when the spindle drops, and the thread runs out the silence is deafening, only the heartbeat and fluctuating breath to mark cadence.

Sit in the quiet. Inquire Within. Take a back seat and listen to the Nothingness, the Om that undulates throughout all.

Don't worry, the noise and color will be back soon enough. Then you can medicate yourself with the abstraction and distraction again, only to find yourself at this threshold of the Gentle and Quiet Void again someday, to listen anew.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Apple orchards...


Someone, somewhere has lost their Faith. Like an ice cube, it melted, slowly perhaps. Or like a tumble out of an open window it fell, a victim of the gravity of some situation. Faith can be a stronghold, a strong cup of coffee, a strong arm to hold you. Or, it can be the evidence of it's own demise. When does one actually lose one's Faith? Faith in Love. Faith in Hope. Faith in Goodness. And how is it that it falls with a feather to the gutter amongst the gravel and dirt?

I have been there, in the gutter of hope, wrestling with my own demons of wanting to be right, and moreso, wanting others to believe I am right. My faith in myself dwindled to a trickle, once a stream. I have reclaimed that force again and again. With one great gust the feather takes flight and soars again.

If a God does not hold you in his arms, nor a father nor a lover, nor any corporeal entity you can still find that Faith even in the deepest darkness of twisted vines and crushing stone. If you cannot find it alone, ask another, one who has that light, to share it with you. It will grow to cover you both.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Friday, June 02, 2006


Just off the phone with Dan. He left Paul to forge ahead towards Glasgow, where he has a motivational talk planned. 12 miles out of Inverness he met up with some other cyclists who gave him some really bad information and directions (see he ditched a lot of maps cause Paul had them). They sent him in the direction of Aberdeen. As he was coasting downhill he figured something was wrong...and ended up going village to village looking for a place to stay until he decided to bag it and head BACK 30 miles uphill to Inverness. When he got there he had to decide. He had to choose to go the extra 20 miles, to put him back on schedule, without food, water and shelter or head back 7 miles. He headed back 7 miles for food and water. (smart one!)

He needs to get to Glasgow by Monday, and he is behind now.

Here is the situation:

He needs to get rid of some weight on his bike. He has been sending things home to lighten his load, as the 80 plus pounds and the hills and wind is untenable. He wants to send his new front panniers ($100plus) home, but he has to wait to get to the post office which will open later than he wants and puts him behind it will cost him about $50.00 to ship them home.

Is there anyone out there who is willing to sponsor him by paying to ship home his panniers?

Please contact me ASAP if you are, so we can get him back on the road.