Friday, August 04, 2006

Peaceful Places

Sometimes I just wait for the glory to flow, or the destiny to sing, or the magic to just happen. To me, that is something I do not take for granted, that siren song of life. Sometimes it comes just before I click the shutter, or utter the whispers of love at the precipice of desire. Often that moment comes to me in nature.

I think of all the rubble and dust, pain and blood, fear and hate that is surrounding the world. Rich, drunk, famous men spouting anger and insanity prompt not much else than scoffing. Blogs everywhere mention this incident and write witty things, me included. Where does it fit in this abundant world, this word slinging against one another? Just before the rocks and bombs. People wounded inside would others.

Between the heat here in New England and the pain rising in the world, I find it all the more important to seek my peaceful places, those that resonate of the heavy moment of goodness, deep with watery silence, or quiet broken only by the hush of the leaves in the buffeting breezes.

I can't think clearly when the cocophony is at height. The din makes me unable to act sometimes. Shock and Awe, slimy companions, pulling at my pockets, ask me for my attention. Gimmie. Gimmie. Gimmie some of that goodness you have in there, they ask. They spend it quickly, on candy and other such temporal things. I am learning to not listen to them so much, to not give into the rant at the watercoolers of life, to not bandy about smart witties. Lives are being lost.

I want to sit down with Shock and Awe and let them know that there are other ways of being in this world. I want to tell them to shut up and sit down and think about what they have done.

More-so, though, I want to hug them and tell them that we invoked them and while they have a purpose, it is inappropriate to be hanging around with the gossip crowd. They can go to people and beckon them to action in better ways than they have.

First, and foremost, I will take them to my quiet place and put my arm around them and tell them to just breathe.


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